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The Blog that Knew Too Much

Today I picked up this very large, colorful French film poster for Mario Bava’s 1963 film giallo The Girl Who Knew Too Much. It’s pretty special, and not just because it’s a cool piece of vintage film poster art for … Continue reading Continue reading

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Il Giallo a Fumetti: Diabolik

Antonella bought me a Diabolik comic at the Mestre train station outside of Venice, Italy the other day. Diabolik is a fictional master thief and the anti-hero of Italy’s most popular fumetti (Italian for comic) which has been published monthly since 1962. What’s … Continue reading Continue reading

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Mario Bava must have gotten bit by Rabid Dogs

Paul Bond and I were as good as our word, we worked through ten of Mario Bava’s best films for the Bavafest we’ve been doing since March. This post has the tenth and final (for now!) discussion of what might … Continue reading Continue reading

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bavatuesdays: Twitch fo the Death Nerve

“As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods;
They kill us for their sport.” – King Lear
This week’s film for the Mario Bava film fest was  the 1971  Twitch of the Death Nerve (a.k.a. Reazione a catena, Carnage, Last … Continue reading Continue reading

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Danger: Diabolik or, Bava Does Good Fumetti

In this week’s episode of the bavatuesdays film festival Paul Bond and I talk about Mario Bava’s contribution to the comic book cum film genre with Danger: Diabolik (1968). Paul has already blogged about some of the artistic influences on … Continue reading Continue reading

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bavafridaymornings: Kill, Baby….Kill!

The great Paul Bond and I did another installment of the bavatuesdays film festival, which means we are on a three week roll after a long hiatus. I’m hoping we can move off Google Hangouts for this coming Thursday’s episode … Continue reading Continue reading

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bavathursdays: Planet of the Vampires

Paul Bond and I are rolling again with the Mario Bava film festival. This week we discussed Bava’s only foray into science fiction: Planet of the Vampires (1965). If nothing else, watch this film for the first 18 minutes of … Continue reading Continue reading

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Monster Bash 2014 starring Barbara Steele

I already posted about how awesome the recent issue of Filmfax is, but I also wanted to share an advertisement from the recent issue extolling the virtues of the 2014 Monster Bash that will be held outside Pittsburgh, PA  next … Continue reading Continue reading

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Black Sabbath: What is Browning to Bava?

Last night Paul Bond and I resurrected our bavatuesdays film festival. We got waylaid for a month or two, but now we are back. This experiment was in service to working out the details of how we will be collaboratively … Continue reading Continue reading

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bavatuesdays Episode 4: Blood and Black Lace

Above is the fourth episode of bavatuesdays, in this discussion Paul Bond and I take a look at Mario Bava’s 1964 giallo Blood and Black Lace. It’s quite a masterpiece of murderous technicolor, and it’s considered by many the beginning of … Continue reading Continue reading

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